7 Tips to get vibrating underwear cheaper

Looking for cheaper way to get vibrating underwear for you or your partner? Maybe you want one for yourself? Perhaps you want to spice up bachelorette or birthday party.
Here are 7 tips to get vibrating underwear cheaper.

Vibrating PantiesEveryone want to save money. So why would be purchesing of sex toys an exception? This is the reason, why I want to share with you 7 tips to get vibrating underwear cheaper.

Promo codes

Those are very popular among online stores. Only trouble is to get those. If you want instant 10% discount, during the purchase proces use a promo code TOYS4U (no minimum order) sitewide.

Use it HERE!


Every store have it, usually few times per year. Some online stores, have separate tab in navigation, for sex toys that are on sale. So you can find good quality product, with very low price.


When you visit online store, make sure that you check whole website. Especially sidebars are very helpful. Many times, there you can find option to choose amount of discount.
Remote Control Vibrating PantiesOne tip
Before you do that, look if there is the section for items rated with stars. If you find one, make sure that you click on at least four stars, before you use the option for discount.

FREE shipping

Many adult toys shops have this option. Usually you get FREE shipping if you purchase for certain amount of value. For example, at the moment, Eden Fantasys store have FREE shipping if you purchase for $39+. So you can get some extra lube or sex toy cleaner for same amount of money. Find the link below!

Subscribe to newsletter

If you ask me, this is a great way to get discounts. The best part is, that you get those on your email. So you don’t need to pull your hear off, where you can find promo codes or other discounts.

Some websites offer you also a FREE gift if you subscribe, don’t ignore that. Check the right sidebar – FREE E-book!  Use it!

Follow the facebook pages

Many of facebook pages are offering you promo codes and sales. This is also a great way to get information about sales and discounts.

p1980ex7Compare between the stores

Many times can happen, that item that you want so badly is on some other online store much cheaper. Don’t forget to use a promo codes, while you comepare prices.
So before you purchase it, check at least two online stores and compeare prices for items that you like.

So these are 7 Tips to get vibrating underwear cheaper.

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Gift to you

I would like to share three more stores, where you can use at least one of before mentioned tips to save your money.
You already have one under the tip »Promo code«. Actually, I mostly buy stuf for me and my partner there. Dont forget to use a promo code that is up there.

Don’t hesitate and use the advantage, that you get from this article and get cheaper sex toys online.

TopVibratorsShop.com – promo code PROMOSUB77 for 10% discount stiewide (no minimum order), or promo code BEST4YOU – 15% off ($100.00 Order Minimum).
To use those codes, GO HERE!

Amazon.com – There you can use star rating and discount section in the left sidebar. Check it out – CLICK HERE!

EdenFantasys.com – FREE Shipping $39+ – Check out HERE!

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