About Us

In 11 years as a salesperson in sexshop and 4 years as a promotor of all kind of sex toys, I can say that sex toys are quite often being neglected.
Well designed and usability of those, can be very beneficial to all of users. Not only for satisfaction of sexual needs but also in healthy view.
Vibrating underwear salespersonVibrating underwear are very popular, especially after the relese of »The Ugly thuth« movie.
In one scene you can see the power of these sex toys. Woman can easely reach an orgasm, and here is my job to offer best information about vibrating lingerie.
Because of my knowledge that I have gained during this few years as a salesperson in sex shop I want to do something for you.
Vibrating underwear are sexy looking and seductive lingerie with little secret inside. But not all of those are good.

So don’t get me wrong. I just want to help you with reviews, comparisons and other useful informations, which I like to share it with you.

It’s my way of gain my positive karma. Because there is no other way to get more positive vibes than sharing good quality informations getting from experiences in life.

Sex life is important for any one. Don’t forget about giving, because vibrating lingerie can be very personal gift.
So explore your sex life and share your pleasure with your partner.

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