Berman Center Astrea Remote Vibrating Thong

  • Discreet vibrating thong
  • Remote Control 12′ range
  • Hands-free
  • Stretch lace
  • Discreetly shipped

Vibrating underwear with remote controler is something special that is made for spice up your sex life. For this purpose is Vibrating Thong something that can not let you down.

Because of special vibrating bullet insert on that special place for women in this Vibrating Thongs, women can easily reach an orgasm. This Vibrating  Thong is made from laces and have atractive look.
No one can see or know that you wear a vibrating Thong.

If you want to reach an orgasm on the public places like in restaurant, on the bus, in the park, at the mall, Vibrating Thong will take you in heaven of pleasure.

Remote controller make your sex life more interesting and fun, because someone else can decide when and how powerful vibrations will be.
You and your partner will enjoy and have fun with this Vibrating Thong.

Remote Control Vibratig Thong is very popular by couples. Woman which wear Remote Control Vibrating Thong, let the partner to control the vibrations with remote controller.

Both of them have fun and joy, because pratner which have a remote control, have all the power in own hands and can tease her whenever and wherever he or she wants. This Sex game can be played at home or in the public places.

If teasing in public places turns you on, Remote Control Vibrating Thong is a perfect for you and your partner.

Find out more about Vibrating Thong.

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