Bestselling Vibrating panties videos

Vibrating panties are popular more than ever before and its popularity still growing. Especially wireless remote control vibrating panties are those that is most common among users. So here you can find the ways how to use vibrating panties in your home, or anywhere you want.The ugly truth vibrating panties

The biggest kick of vibrating underwear was made after this type of lingerie was mentioned in OPRAH show. After that, you can find interesting way of use in “The Ugly Truth” movie staring Katherine Heigl. Who knows, maybe this is an idea that you are looking for. romantic dinner with a little bit of spicy, sexy secret, that only you and your partner know about.

Anyway, there are few ways to use them, solo or with partner. If you ask me, if you are like me, you will definitely go for wireless remote control vibrating panties. Using them is simple, fun and most of all, is the best way to turn on your partner. Especially if you are on the way home. After door is closed, the real action is only thing that will follow.

Here are proofs, that this is really a lot of fun…

Future bride wear Wireless remote control vibrating panties

In this video you can see how powerful his little devil inside of her panties is. Maybe you find this interesting for next whatever party you will be invited. Especially for bachelorette Party. This is a fun idea that will last not only for a party, but also long time after that. It will live in your funniest memories and of course in the life of the person that get this little but powerful sex toy.

Slumber party with vibrating underwear

Here you can see, how can be fun to wear vibrating panties. It’s great as a gift and it will bring a lot of fun into the party that you have. If you manage to convince the party owner to wear those, you will have a lot of fun, laughter and screaming. Remember, it’s all about having fun and enjoy in watching “the dancing” wearer.

Vibrating underwear controlled with smartphones

Vibrating lingerie combine high technology and of course good sexy panties. Wireless remote control vibrating underwear offers you a hands free teasing and pleasing, while your partner tease you with the remote controller. But OhMiBod goes one step further and offers you a chance to enjoy in vibrating pleasures in your panties, which are controlled from smartphones using their App.

Remote control vibrating panties from the ugly truth movie

Astrea two are the Remote control vibrating briefs from The ugly truth movie. Those are one of the bestselling models. The main reason is that many people did not know before that vibrating lingerie exists. When movie come out, searching for those was incredible. The main reason for that I see in its sexy, seductive look and because of the stretch material, almost every woman can wear them. Berman Astrea II Remote control vibrating thong combine sexy underwear and vibrating pleasure giver into the great sex toy. Many couples use them to spice up their sex lives.

Jennifer Aniston Tests the Vibrating Bra in Ellen show

Vibrating bra is not well known. However, those woman which try this vibrating sex toy, will give its word for it. Especially those who have sensitive nipples will enjoy in vibrating stimulation with vibrating pads. Using them is very simple. You just put them into your bra, push the on button and you can enjoy in vibrating pleasures of vibrating pads.

Vibrating panties kick during girl chat

Two girls have a chat, when vibrating pleasures inside of the panties kick. Funny way to show others, how much pleasure you can get from this little hidden device. Don’t forget, you can transorm every lingerie that is in your drawer into vibrating underwear. All you have to do is to get vibrating bullet insert. You have a wide range of choices with or without the remote controller. Hide bullet insert in your panties on that special spot, then fun and pleasure can begin to rock your world like never before.

Vibrating Butterfly Strap-on Clitoral Vibrator

This is unique and powerful clitoral vibrator. it’s a wearable vibe, that provides you with slow to fast vibrations all around the clitoris. It comes in few versions and colors. You can also choose how would you like to control it. You have a wired and wireless options.


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