Black Rose – Plus Size Vibrating Panty

Plus Size Vibrating Panty is one of the most searchable products of adult toys. It’s created for vibrating pleasure given from Vibrating Bullet Insert inside of your panties. Black Rose Secret Garden Vibrating Panties are just perfect for any women.

Advantage of this panties is that fits most of the sizes of women. So no matter if you are skinny, or you have bigger sizes, silk laces offer you a chance to adjust this Vibrating Panties to fit you like a glove. Even if some of the users say that Vibrating Bullet Insert is a bit weak, you can always replace it with another one. Bullet Insert provides you with the three speed of vibrations.

One little tip:
If you want to have Remote Control Vibrating Panties, you just get  remote-controlled bullet insert, and replace it with one that come with this panties and you can have fun with your partner.

This gorgeous Vibrating Thongs is rated by users in top 50 Strap-on vibrators, and it’s made from Food-grade / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates-free materials.

What makes this Plus Size Vibrating Thongs so great?

Luxurious silk ties on the side take care for fully adjustment of this panties.

Hidden pocket for removable Vibrating Multi-speed Bullet Insert, you can replace it with another one…

Gorgeous Black Rose details on the panties

Soft stretchable Panties for comfortable wear

You can also check the Little Black Remote Control Vibrating Panty to spice up your sex life.

Enjoy and have fun with Vibrating Underwear at home or in public places.
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