Whom can you give Vibrating panties as a gift

Vibrating panties are awesome sex toy, which combine modern technology, safe materials and seductive looking underwear. Question is, whom can you give that as a gift?

Surprise gift for anniversary:

Anniversary is very private »celebration« of couples. Some couples make this day better with a gifts, others don’t. Anyway, if you want to surprise your partner with jaw dropping gift for your anniversary, this is an awesome way and gift to do it.

lingerie giftEspecially, because you can get it in all sizes, for men and for women. So there is no excuse that you can’t get one for your partner.

Birthday present:

It all depend of what character is the person that celebrate its birthday. If it is like me, funnier the present is, more we all laugh. Of course, if my friends exist to try one, there is no way that I want do it.

Otherwise, if you don’t know celebrating person so well, you can’t give this as a birthday present.

Anyway, if you want to surprise your partner before you go in bed, you definitely hit the nail, if you give her or him this present at that moment. It will be a very short night, especially if you get remote control vibrating panties.

Bachelorette and bachelor party:

We all know that this is usually best parties that you have. You  should all give out and have stressless party, wherever you are. Even though, alcohol there is some kind of »must be«, you also should have fun with playing games, dancing, etc.

OhMiBod club vibe 2Of course, This is great as a gift for future bride or groom to wear Vibrating panties and every time she give wrong answer, make a mistake or don’t follow the rules, the person who got the remote, should »buzz« her or him.

Believe me, there’ll be a lot of laughing.

Valentine’s Day Gift:

Big YES here! This is just perfect as a Valentines Day Gift. It looks sexy and it’s a sex toy in one. So your partner will be pleased with look and its usability. What can you ask more from such a gift?

If you want something really special, Check out the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2, which have voice sensitive remote controller. So your woman can enjoy in vibrating pleasures wrom whispering her naughty things or in beat of her favorite music.

If you want to know morwe about that, check it out HERE!

Enjoy and have fun!

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