Eve’s Vibrating Panties with remote control

Looking for cheap and special gift for your woman? Perhaps you like to surprise her with something that she never thought of. In my opinion, if you give her these Eve’s Virating Panties with remote control, you will definitely rock her world.
Eve's vibrating panties with the remote controllerTake a minute and think about what she wear, and what she want, when she is alone at home. Maybe she have boring job and she need a little bit of excitement. Especially if she send you a erotic photo of herself from workplace, this means that she misses you and that she want you right at that moment. So if she will wear a pair of these, she will definitely enjoy in vibrating features of Eve’s remote control vibrating panties at her workplace or home. Even better part of this is, that she can wear them anywhere she want. Of course, as long as she or her partner have the remote controller, she can enjoy in 10 different patterns of vibrating pleasures anywhere she want to. Think about that two of you go for a walk in the park or maybe watch the movie at the cinema. Suddenly she whisper into your ear, »Have fun and make me come« and she give the remote controller into your hand. In my opinion, when man have a chance to control vibrating pleasures given to women is something that all man dream about.
Where can woman wear and use these remote control vibrating panties is limited only by her imagination. So have fun wherever you like, spice up your foreplay and enjoy it in every moment.

What you get?
All together is combined into a seductive wireless remote control vibrating panties. These are stretchy »boy shorts« with lace trim. Removable bullet insert have 10 pre programmed patterns of vibration and pulsation. Wide range of the remote controller up to 20 feet is something that makes this sex toy perfect for couples to spice up their foreplay. Batteries are included so you don’t have to worry about them and you can try out this Eve’s remote control vibrating panties as soon as you get it. So don’t hesitate and grab your chance to surprise your darling with special gift that will drop her jaw on the floor.
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