25 Facts about vibrating underwear

Vibrating underwear is sexy looking underwear with vibrating feature of bullet insert. This is shortest description you can get. Why and how you can use it and other important facts about them you can find below.

1. Seductive looking

Vibrating lingerie is seductive looking underwear, with a little bit of high technology, which can bring you to reach an orgasm.

the ugly truth vibrating panties2. Seen in the movie

Best movie presentation of the power of vibrating underwear you can see in the movie »theugly truth« starring Katherine Heigl. It’s funny and powerful as you can see it there.

More video which cshow the power of this sex toy you can see if you check the article about best videos of remote control vibrating panties – HERE!

3. Affordable for everyone

These sex toys are very affordable. You can get those from 10 bucks or even less. Of course, you can’t expect much from cheap toys. However, using this toy you’ll get much more than from many other sex toys.

4. Make it at home

Best thing about vibrating panties is, that you can make it from any panties you have. All you have to do is to get Vibrating bullet insert and put it into a panties you like to wear. Then turn it on and enjoy.

5. Spice up sex life

This is a most wanted sex toys among couples which want to spice up their sex life. Many couples use this sex toy for turning on. It’s very popular, because you can use it almost anywhere you want. Especially popular is using it at the cinema, while watching a movie, and after they come home, the real action just begun.

6. For Solo play

Vibrating panties are awesome for solo play. Here is most using vibrating bullet inserts with simple turn on/of, as well as those with cord connected remote controller.

voice sensitive vibrating panties7. Voice sensitive vibrations

Some of the remote controller for bullet insert, have a voice sensitive sensor. This sensor transform voices into the pleasant vibrations of bullet insert in your panties. So you can enjoy in vibrations os whispering of your partner, or in loud music at the concert or party.

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8. Play with partner

Pest to play with partner is using of remote control vibrating panties. Wireless remote controller have a range up to 20 feet away, so your partner can tease and please you from the other side of the room.

9. Waterproof

Waterproof feature is also very popular, especially during the summer. Vibrating bullet inserts which are waterproof, you can use it under the shower, while you take a bath or swim in the pool. Isn’t that awesome?

 10. Fun

Remote control Vibrating panties are lot of times treated as fun item at the bachelorette party. Future bride wear the panties, one of the member of this party have the remote controller and buzz her.

11. Oprah Show

Believe it or not, Vibrating panties was shown also at Oprah Show. Response was amazing. Popularity of vibrating underwear is growing from that day.

 12. Sexy

Its sexy look can help you to turn on your partner, especially if you play some roles, like schoolgirls, nurse, teacher, etc.

13. Jaw dropping gift

If you want to surprise your partner with unique gift, this is definitely one of the best choices you have. Believe me, your partner will be very surprised. So if you want to surprise him or her with jaw dropping gift, you now know, what you should give as a surprise gift.

14. For men and women

Here is another awesome fact that you probably don’t know. On the market you can find Vibrating panties for Men and for women. So there is no excuse that only woman can enjoy in vibrating pleasures in their panties.

award winning remotecontrol vibrating panties15. Award winning sex toy

Even sex toys have its reward competittion. One of vibrating panties have this honor that represents this type of sex toys.

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16. Vibrating bra

Yes, you can also get pads, which you put into a bra. This is very nice for women, which have touch sensitive nipples. Vibrating bra is not so well know, but when you see video on the link below, you may want to try it.
Jennifer Aniston was try these and she was surprised. Don’t believe me?

Check the video with simple Click here!

17. Remote controlled vibrating panties

This type of vibrating underwear is most common among the couples. Even though, many women use it for solo play. It offers more freedom and practically hands free stimulation down there.

18. Easy to clean

Cleaning of vibrating panties is really easy. All you have to do is remove vibrating bullet insert from them and clean it with some sex toy cleaner. Underwear you wash as any other lingerie following the instruction on the label.

remote control vibrating underwear19. Wide range of choices

Awesome about them is that you have really wide range of choices. You can choose different types of lingerie, from pearl thongs to briefs. You have also a wide range of choices about the control of vibrating bullets and special features of them.

20. Rechargeable

Even though they are rare, you can find bullet inserts for vibrating panties, which have rechargeable feature. Some of those you can recharge with USB cord others have a charger.

21. All types of underwear

To have vibrating panties, you only must get bullet inert for those. All kind of panties you have in your drawer, you can use it for and as vibrating underwear. So you can choose it from thongs to briefs and you still can enjoy in vibrating pleasures in those.

22. Plus size vibrating panties

Doesn’t matter which size you wear. You can find on the market plus size vibrating underwear, or you make one with getting just bullet insert for those. This way, you simply put the bullet insert into your panties and place it on that special touch sensitive area.

reach an orgasm with vibrating panties23. Orgasm

Using vibrating panties, women usually reach an orgasm. Of course not all of them, because some of them have problems with that. If you are not one of them and you use some vibrator before, you’ll love that sex toy.

24. Anytime, anywhere you want

This means that you can wear those almost anywhere and anytime you want to. Couples love to use remote control vibrating panties while they walk in the park or go shopping. Some of them explore even more the land of pleasure using it on the train, bus, at the cinema, etc.
How and where you’ll use them, you are limited only by your imagination.

25. Earn money

Maybe you don’t want to know that, but still. Many girls using Voice sensitive remote control vibrating panties to earn money. It’s simple, they enjoy it and at the same time, they earn quite a lot of money too.
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Those are facts, which prove, that Vibrating underwear are really one of the best sex toys. It’s affordable, there is no size that you can’t enjoy using it. Plus size vibrating panties proves that.

It’s usability is really wide open and it’s limited only with your imagination.

Many couples spice their sex life with remote Control Vibrating Panties. So there is no excuse why you don’t try them. If you don’t like it, you still have at least sexy looking panties to wear them with or without bullet insert, which can bring you to reach an orgasm.

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