How to make Vibrating Panties at home

Vibrating Panties are very popular adult toy by couples as well as by individuals. I think that the best thing about Vibrating Panties is that person which wear any type of Vibrating Underwear, can enjoy in vibrating pleasures almost anywhere she or he want to. Especially are popular ones with the remote controll feature, because in this case, you or your partner can control Vibrating Pleasures from distance up to 20 feet.

Make a Vibrating Panties at home can be a lot more cheaper than buying them. You have two choices, to make a pair of Vibrating Panties at home. First one is cheaper but you don’t get so much freedom, but if you play solo is this perfect solution to get Vibrating Pleausres almost for free. All you need to do is that you purchase vibrating egg or bullet insert for your panties. This will cost you up to 10$. Some of those bullet inserts and eggs comes with remote controller, but unfortunately they are not wireless.

Vibrating Bullet Insert

You just simply put vibrating bullet insert in your panties on clitoral area while you wear your panties and fun and joy can begin.
The second choice is that you purchase wireless remote control vibrating bullet insert or vibrating egg and locate it in your delicate area. This choice give you more freedom, if you trust remote controller to your partner, fun and excitement will be only greater.

Tip on how to get Vibrating Pleasure in your Panties:

If your panties do not have the pocket on the vaginal area, sew it, so the vibrating egg or bullet insert will be more fixed and you can enjoy without worrying that you insert may slipped out from your panties. If your Panties have a little pocket than use it and insert your Vibrating Bullet or egg insert in it and enjoy and have fun.

I think this is cheapest way to get your pair of Vibrating Panties almost for free.

One more great thng about making your own vibrating Panties at home. If you have a bigger body size, you maybe have some problems to get Vibrating Panties for you, especially if you are picky. If you follow my advice, then you can transform your panties to Vibrating Ligerie, which is   perfect for you!

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