Music Remote Control Vibrating Panties For Every Woman

Technology surprise us every day on every step, so from now on, with wearing this special Remote Control Vibrating Panties any women can enjoy in vibrating pleasures everywhere she wants and the best part is that she can enjoy in vibrating beat of her favorite music and experience as an orgasm.

Yes you see right. This Remote Control Vibrating Panties have bullet insert, which is remote controled, but you can also enjoy in vibrating pleasures of your favorite songs as long as you have any kind of MP3 player, Cell-phone, Notebook or other electronic device that has a 3.5mm headphone/output jack.
But there is more. You can also enjoy in voice controlled vibrations. Easy switch to voice control on little remote controller and you can enjoy in beats of your favorite band if you are on the concert or on private party,college party, wherever the music is quite loud.

So if you enjoy in public places like concerts or other parties, maybe you want to enjoy in the vibrating rhythm of your favorite songs or you are just one of few people in the whole world without any social life and without any electronic devices with a 3.5mm headphone/output jack, you can enjoy in vibrating pleasures of this unique Remote Control Vibrating Panties.

You can choose vibrating pleasures with 3 different settings:

Manual mode: With choosing this mode, you can enjoy in 7 different preset vibration patterns. You can control the vibrations with the two buttons on remote controller.

Music mode: Bullet Insert will vibrate to music from your electronic device that has a 3.5mm headphone/output jack and it’s connected on remote controller. the power of vibrations depend on how loud the volume is set on your music player. The higher the volume, the stronger the vibes.

Ambient mode: By using this mode, you can enjoy in vibrations which are the controlled from outside world. You can enjoy in vibrations on the concert or other parties, where the music is loud. Vibrations will not start at normal talk or even in front of the TV, but it will only activate if the sound levels are high enough.
If you are the bigger size, you have no worrie that you can’t get this unique sex toy. You can use bullet insert in any other panties as well. If you dont like this panties, you can also get just Vibrating Bulet Insert for you with a click on a foto on the right!

Don’t forget, this Remote Control Vibrating Panties could be as a great gift and surprise for your girl or wife.

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