Remote Control Vibrating Panties in public places

Wearing Remote Control Vibrating Panties is something that can be pleasurable for you and your partner. Because you can wear them almost anywhere you want, you can easily surprise your partner when you give him remote controller of your vibrating bullet insert inside of your Vibrating Panties.

How can you give him an ultimate surprise during everyday life?

Believe me, it’s very simple. You can tell him that you want to go to the cinema. And if he agrees, the fun can begin. As simple as that, you jump into a pair of your pleasure giving Vibrating Panties, but he can’t know anything about that. As I said, don’t tell him anything about that! When you get your ticket and sitting in those comfortable chairs, all you have to do is wait until the movie starts rolling. After few minutes, you reach into your purse and give him remote controller of your Vibrating Underwear and whisper into his ear :»Let the action begins!«

You can be pretty sure, he will forget about movie and start playing with remote controller and watch you how you enjoy in vibrating pleasures which is controlled by him. I believe that you will see one of the biggest smile that you can get from him. And believe me, this is just start of long and passionate night.

Ok, this is pretty much how my girlfriend surprised me few days ago, and I had to share this with you.

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