Vibrating Panties

One of the biggest pleasure in life is sex. Sex life can be boring if we don’t spice it up from time to time with trying and experimenting. If you are willing to try something new and experimenting with your partner or on your own is Vibrating Underwear just right for you.

Vibrating Panties are ordinary panties with special bullet insert which provide vibrations and give pleasure. This sex toy is most popular by couples, especially for teasing in public places like in park or at the mall.

Playing with Remote Control Vibrating Panties is game for one or two. Maybe you want to try first at home alone, then you just trust remote  to your partner then fun and joy can begin.

If you are a more shy character, you must know, that no one can tell if you wear a Vibrating Underwear so you have no worries about that.

Let your partner play with remote controller and let him decide when vibrations start. Remote have great range of 20 feet, so your partner can easily control your vibrating pleasure which can bring you to orgasm.

Remote Control Vibrating Panties have seductive appearance so can easily turn on you and your partner.

Here’s a frisky piece of erotic lingerie.

These seductive tie-side panties are made from the softest lace and the silkiest satin ribbon.

In panty’s secret pocket is a 10 function wireless vibrating bullet insert that is operated by remote control from up to 20 feet

More info about Vibrating Panties you find HERE!


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