Vibrating Thong – Unique Gift

For most men, Thongs are most sexiest lingerie. But the remote controlled vibrating feature gives this teasing looking Underwear special purpose and make them Vibrating Thong.

So Vibrating Thong combine sexy looking lingerie and Sex-toy, which you can use anywhere and anytime and this make them so unique, interesting and fun.

How can you spice up your sex-life with Vibrating Thongs?

This is simple but very popular by couples. Not only that this type of underwear is good for masturbating, it can be use in pairs. You just simple give remote controller to your partner and enjoy the pleasures that your partner controls. He or she can control how powerful and when bullet insert will start to vibrate inside your thongs.

Your partner have control of your vibrating pleasures up to 20 feet (8m) away.

But this is not all. Maybe you think that is just for girls and woman, but you are wrong. You can surprise your man with special gift for Valentines Day, or maybe for anniversary.

In the market are selling quite well vibrating thong for men too.

There you can find many types of vibrating underwear but If you looking for something more daring Vibrating Thong with stroker beads is perfect choice.

You can call it Vibrating Pearl Thong too. If you ask yourself, what is that make them so special, here is the answer.

Well Pearls actually have function ant they are not just for elgance look. For proper use (women) you have to put your clitoris between two strands of pearls when you wear a Vibrating pearl thong. That way pearls will rubb her clit and make her fill like she is in heaven, and vibrating bullet insert will give vibrating support so your clit will be stimulated and in many cases you can reach an ultimate orgasm.

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