What to Expect From Club Vibe 2.0H Vibrating Panties

Whether you are enjoying out at the concert or having a private shake in the comfort of your room, you will surely get a full gratification with this versatile and powerful bullet-style vibrator known as Club Vibe 2.0H Vibrating Panties. With its 3 types of operations, this unique vibrating device will definitely bring your sexual experience to the next level and be prepared for action whenever you are.

So What can you Expect From Club Vibe 2.0H Vibrating Panties?

The Club Vibe 2.0H Vibrating Panties is a music-driven and portable vibrator that is mainly designed to snuggle inside your underwear and convert the beat of a song into inducing orgasm vibrations. It might be utilized along with any music player or some other electric device containing an 3.5mm headphone/output jack, which includes cellular phones and laptops.


This Vibrator is more convenient to use than other forms of its category because it is designed as Hands Free Vibrating Panties. Even though these Wireless Vibrating Panties are specially geared for song lovers, its manual mode is extremely useful for anyone who desires to have fun and pleasure in a more discreet way. This only means that even if you’re all alone and you do not have any device to play some stirring music or perhaps you are not in a place that plays significant ambient sound, you may still enjoy using this vibrator in any place and time you want. With just a modest click on its button, you may experience an extensive selection of pre-programmed settings from the semi-gentle vibrating going with the dominant rhythmic pulsing. With its existence, you get a chance to have a Remote Control Vibrating Panties that is very enjoyable and convenient to use.

Although the powerful time Bullet Vibrator may be placed anywhere you wish to, it really works effectively, acting like a clitoral hands-free stimulator, which includes all things you need in order to reward yourself with extreme kind of enjoyment in no time.  All you have to do is to get the controller along with the Bullet Vibrator, sufficient batteries, “y” splitter cord you can use to attach the earphones and a thong in black in order to start some “rocking” actions. Your purchase will include all of these mentioned accessories complete with the classy velvet stowing bag that can carry all of the said items.

Both the controller and the bullet vibrator are made from phthalate-free non-porous ABS plastic covered in polyurethane coating. It is velvety smooth, which can feel really nice on skin. It also has a barely noticeable clean scent plastic that quickly dissipates after a swab or two. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to buying a top quality vibrator, never miss to check out Club Vibe 2.0H Vibrating Panties that will surely blow you away.

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