Where you can use your Plus size vibrating panties

Do you have your plus size vibrating panties? If not, you should. Why? Where you can use your Plus size vibrating panties? This is one of the rare sex toys, that you can use where ever you want.

Black plus sze vibrating pantiesHow to use plus size vibrating panties?

Well, this is quite simple. If you got one from the online sex toy store you get it with bullet insert. This insert have it’s own pocket inside your plus size vibrating underwear, on that special place.

It’s located just perfect, to get most from vibrating stimulation, provided with this little devil inside of your vibrating lingerie.

To use it, just simply turn the bullet on and enjoy in vibrations down under.

Second option is, that you get only vibrating bullet. You can put this secret wheapon into any kind of your plus size panties and transform them into the plus size vibrating panties.

Here is the same. Turn the bullet on and enjoy.

Is there the difference between bullet inserts?

Yes it is. Actually is big difference. Bullets are different not only in sizes and materials. They also have different type of controling and other features. Like for example waterproof feature.

Type of control for bullet inserts:

Basic – here you have only bullet insert, which is actually small vibrator. You can turn it on with simple twist of the bottom, or with the push on the button.

Wired remote controller
– Here you have more control on stimulating bahavior of bullet down under. Still, you are limited with the lenght of the cord. Anyone who have the remote controller should be near you. Yes, remote controller could be in your partners hands too.

Fetish Fantasy plus size vibrating pantiesWireless remote controller – It’s actually upgreaded version of wired remote controller. There is difference in distance of range. Of course, there is no cord eather. With this, you have more freedom and it’s great to play with your partner.

Actually this is the best one to choose. Usually couples use wireless option.

Where you can use wireless remote control plus size vibrating panties?

Short version of the ansver is, almost anywhere you want. The limit is only your imagination.

Many couples use the advantage of this sex toy, while walking through the park, at home while making dinner, watching TV adnd so on.

Some of those couples have more guts and use it while they shopping, on the bus, at the cinema.

Waterproof bullets are awesome. Especially during the summer. It’s because you can enjoy in vibrations in the pool. Otherwise, you can play with it under the shower or while you take a bath.

plus size vibrating pantiesDoes any celebrity wear vibrating panties?

Actually, vibrating panties was shown in Oprah show. So, obviously, this toy for adult is very popular. Especially after The ugly truth movie release, where Katherine Heigl wears Astrea I vibrating panties, the popularity grows even more.

How to clean your plus size vibrating underwear?

This is no brain storm. You simply remove the bullet from your plus size underwear and clean it with sex toy cleaner.

If your bullet is waterproof, the cleaning is even easier. You can simply wash it with soap and water.

Your panties are washable. So can wash it in wash machine as any other underwear, just follow the instruction on the label on your plus size panties.

Important notice:

Clean your sex toy regulary. This will not good only because of health reason. Your adult toy will last much longer if you clean and maintain it properly.

Now you know, where you can use your Plus size vibrating panties.

Have fun and enjoy in pleasures of your plus size vibrating panties, wherever, whenever and with whomever.

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